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Benu: Related to the verb weben (wbn), meaning "to rise", "rise in brilliance" or "shine" as well as ben-ben, the upthrust sacred stone of Heliopolis, benu (bennu) describes a bird that was an important avian deity.



Imagine a web-based secure location where all parties tied to a real estate transaction can converge to share, view, sign, track, email, receive updates on, and fax documents in a fashion that is as simple as a click of a mouse. This is ReboCollab.

ReboCollab will bring to your business a streamlined and highly efficient process where all files progress from beginning to end seamlessly and efficiently.

No longer look to those faxes that never make it through, or have to hand deliver documents to your clients for review or to obtain signatures. No longer wonder what documents are needed or are missing within a transaction, as ReboCollab has solved these issues and opened the door to a manner of conducting real estate transactions that will reduce many of the day to day issues that arise from poor communication and collaboration. ReboCollab enables all parties within the transaction to become more relevant to the transactions and each other, thus presenting an entirely new fashion of generating new business and clients.

With the introduction of ReboCollab, Benutech is bringing forth the new generation of connectivity and efficiency to you today.


Pre-Register for ReboCollab's beta release and become one of our exclusive members. More Information Coming Soon!!

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