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Benu: Related to the verb weben (wbn), meaning "to rise", "rise in brilliance" or "shine" as well as ben-ben, the upthrust sacred stone of Heliopolis, benu (bennu) describes a bird that was an important avian deity.



ReboCollab streamlines transaction management by keeping all documents and all parties on the same page.


Premier List Fulfillment Solutions

With Benutech’s Premier List Fulfillment Solutions, the real estate professional (mortgage, title, investor, broker, agent etc.) can now benefit from flexible data solutions to fit exactly-targeted marketing audiences to achieve a better ROI.  Premiere List Fulfillment Solutions will provide a requested custom data set for a specific geographic area without a monthly/yearly subscription.  That’s right, no contract, no recurring monthly expense, it can be requested on an “as needed” basis!  For example, let’s say you are looking for mortgage data, but you want to know if any additional life events have happened (like a divorce or tax default), you can request our experts to filter from our data assets precisely to what you are looking for.  See a sample list below of the different types of data assets we have to assist you and your targeted marketing requirements.  

Now is the time for you to utilize this powerful data system... Premiere List Fulfillment Solutions enables you to work smarter and more cost-effectively with targeted marketing data solutions and homeowner intelligence.

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